Monthly Archives: January 2012

Mobile Da Vinci Resolve Grading Suite

I am now running Da Vinci Resolve on my MacBook Pro. This is a fantastic development and allows me to create looks on location and show clients how the finished product could look. The new software versions of Resolve are really great, especially the ability to take it mobile and work with the footage there and then.

Technicolor CineStyle Profile for the Canon 5D Mk 2

I have been testing recently with Technicolor’s CineStyle Profile for the Canon 5D Mk 2 and I have been very impressed by the images I have seen.  The profile was developed in conjunction with Canon, in order to allow a Log style shooting profile for Video on the 5D.  This in turn allows for a slight increase in dynamic range and a better starting point for a full color grade.  I am now using this profile on my 5D and […]