Monthly Archives: April 2013

So that was NAB 2013…

Well the week is at an end and NAB 2013 is over.  So what do we take away from this years gear fest?  Well, I for one was pleased to see less new cameras being announced.  RED has started to finally upgrade cameras with the Dragon sensor, which gives a huge 15 stops of dynamic range (or maybe slightly more).  Arri and Ikegami announced the HDK-97ARRI, a joint venture to bring large sensor cinema technology to the broadcast industry, which is controversial […]

Sony PMW-400 is what we’ve been waiting for.

For the last 2 years, I have been complaining about Sony’s ridiculous decision, to not include 50mbps 4:2:2 recording on the PMW-320 and PMW-350.  I understand why they do it, they want you to buy a more expensive camera, in this case, the PMW-500.  The PMW-500 is a great camera, it has a CCD sensor block and has been adopted by broadcasters as first choice for general television production and ENG use.  The PMW-350 in contrast, has a CMOS sensor […]