Interview with Gordon Taylor of the PFA

Today we are shooting an interview with Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballers Association.  I am shooting on the Red and lighting with a small tungsten kit, 2 x Arri 650w and 1 x 300w fresnel.  Despite there being many fluorescent and LED kits out there, I still enjoy using tungsten lights as I think the quality of light is better than LED and some fluorescent lights.  I guess I am just a bit old school!    

Stills & Video from the Red One

The Red One Digital cinema camera is a fantastic tool for creating moving images.  it is also great at creating still images.  I have been using the Red One on Fashion stills shoots for over a year, and my clients are constantly impressed with the ease of capturing both still and moving assets from one shoot.  Obviously there are a few hoops to jump through in order to achieve this, but we now have this down to a fine art.  […]

Second Unit Camera on New Feature Film

I recently did some second unit camera operating for this new feature, shot in Manchester on the Red One Digital Cinema Camera.   Red Frog are also working on the Visual Effects and we have a very short timescale, so I best get back to it! Have a look at the trailer below.

Red One Now Upgraded to MX Sensor

Our Red One has now returned from its little holiday to California.  It had been away over Christmas for upgrade to the new MX sensor.  This new sensor, which is the same as the chip in the new Red Epic cameras, gives an increased dynamic range, native sensitivity of ISO 800 and improved color reproduction.  The upgrade also includes a new Optical Low Pass Filter, which should give increased image sharpness.  Here is an Picture of the camera out today […]

Tvonics – The box that’s not a box

Last week I did a Green Screen shoot through Two Sugars TV and Studio Liddel using the Red One Camera. The shoot was for the launch of the new Tvonics set-top box and the footage was to become part of a 3D animation produced by Studio Liddell.  It is important to ensure that Green Screen shoots like this are lit correctly and will key properly, so as part of my DIT kit I have a Mac Pro workstation which I […]

Another Secret Football Shoot

Today we are at Bolton Wanderers, another shoot for the secret football project!  This time it is a much bigger affair with TV’s Garth Crooks and a better budget.  I am shooting on the Red One again and the dynamic range is great for this type of shot, which would otherwise need to be shot on film.  We are shooting Garth on the pitch in a wide shot with the whole stadium in the background and the sky in shot […]

Secret Shoot at Rochdale FC

I was shooting today at Rochdale Football Club on a super secret football related project.  Shooting with the Red One and the fab little HD Hero!  The HD Hero is excellent for getting into small spaces and in this case was perfect for shooting within the goal.  The image quality, while highly compressed is, excellent for such a small camera.  I wouldn’t recommend shooting for the cinema with it, but for Web or TV use it is great.

The Sony EX3 is very fashionable these days…

Here we are again, shooting our regular catwalk fashion job.  This time we are in a new studio with a new set and a re-light.  Video in fashion is now as important as still images, especially on the web, so we take care to make sure our video work looks fabulous!

New Blog

Hi, this is my new place on the net for information regarding my current projects and my views of gear and the industry etc.  Stay Tuned for more as I get it all up and running!