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KitPlus Roadshow at Media City

I had the good fortune to be available yesterday and able to visit the KitPlus roadshow at the Pie Factory, part of Media City, in Salford.  There seemed to be very good attendance, and when I arrived there were a lot of people gathered a round the camera bar for a lighting seminar by Den Lennie.

So, down to the products that made me stop and look;

Cineo_MatchboxFirst up, the Cineo Matchbox.  This is a very compact camera top led light, that I have been interested in seeing for sometime.   It was shown here by supplier LCA.   The Matchbox is a very nice little all metal enclosure, with a remote phosphor LED system.  This means that blue driver LED’s are used to illuminate a phosphor panel, which then provides lovely soft illumination at a given colour temperature.   The unit comes with 2 interchangeable panels for 3200K and 5600K. The units have good output and score well on the TLCI tests on the Guild of Television cameramen’s website, showing they are good enough for broadcast use.  Added to my list of must buy items!

Atomos Shogun

Next up was the very nice looking Atomos Shogun.  This is a 7 inch monitor and combined 4K recorder.  It is capable of recording from HDMI and SDI sources in various flavours of ProRes and DNxHD.  It can record the 4K output via HDMI from the Sony A7s, giving a big increase in picture quality to an already very capable camera.  In the future it will also be updated via firmware, to record the RAW output from the Sony PXW-FS7.  It is well worth following the link above, and having a good look at the specs on the Atomos website, as this little beauty has a lot up it’s sleeve.  As an owner of both these devices, I have been pondering for a while the purchase of such a recorder, and as soon as I see demand for recording RAW from the FS7, this will definitely be high up on the purchase list.

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