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NAB 2016 is just around the corner…

Next week see’s the start of this years NAB show in Las Vegas.  The traditional launching ground of new and innovative products for the film and television industry.   What are you hoping that NAB 2016 will bring?  What new and exciting technology are you looking forward to seeing launched?

Personally, I am very excited about a new wave of more attractively priced super 35mm cine zoom lenses.  Such as the 20-120 from Fujinon and similar rumoured lenses coming from Canon and Sony.  The Fujinon is said to be launching at less than £10,000 in the UK, which would make it almost half the price of the Canon CN7 17-120, the current market leader.   The Canon, while popular, has been a difficult sell for owners of the lower priced super 35mm cameras, such as Sony’s FS7.   So a lower priced alternative will be very welcome amongst this group.

I am also very interested in seeing new lighting technology, especially in the LED world, where huge leaps in light quality and output seem to be made every year.    Also, new monitors, I expect to see lots of new HDR capable monitors, including new large production monitors from Small HD, which look very promising.   In addition, monitors capable of displaying a REC2020 signal will no doubt be starting to trickle onto the market.

I will be updating the blog next week with more information as the week goes on and we see what is unleashed on our industry.

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