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New Littlewoods videos with Millie Clode

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Sky News presenter Millie Clode.  We were shooting some informational videos for Littlewoods.co.uk.  Millie is a great presenter to work with and was professional thoughout the shoot.  Here is an example of one of the finished videos, post-production was completed by Red Frog in Manchester.  The shoot was on a Sony EX3 with a camera mounted autocue.

We shot the main pieces to camera on a white scoop at Greyspace studios in Liverpool. I used a variety of tungsten lamps on the scoop, achieving an even illumination on the background.  To light Millie I used another 2kw Arri tungsten fresnel for the key, shooting through a 6 x 6 half silk & 1/4 CTO.  A 1kw fresnel shooting through 4 x4 half spun was used as fill and a 650w fresnel as a backlight.



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