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So that was NAB 2013…

Well the week is at an end and NAB 2013 is over.  So what do we take away from this years gear fest?  Well, I for one was pleased to see less new cameras being announced.  RED has started to finally upgrade cameras with the Dragon sensor, which gives a huge 15 stops of dynamic range (or maybe slightly more).  Arri and Ikegami announced the HDK-97ARRI, a joint venture to bring large sensor cinema technology to the broadcast industry, which is controversial in many areas, but should be very interesting.  Although I wouldn’t like to get stuck operating one of those on a CU with an 86x on the front!  There were to many ‘octo-copters’ to count and lots of baseplates, cages and general add-ons needed to make the new generation of toy cameras work properly!

Blackmagic stole the show again by announcing a 4k version of their cinema camera, but will we ever see it?  Sony announced the PMW-400, a 50mbps shoulder mount CMOS camera, which I am sure will be widely welcomed by many owner operators.  The Phantom flex 4K camera will give us an all in one solution for production in 4K at high-speed and normal frame rates.  Then there was Movi.  The handheld digital gimbal camera stabiliser that everyone has been talking about all week.  I think once the dust settles, we will start to think about the drawbacks of this type of system, but for now, I think its very cool, and will see a lot of use on certain types of production.

I think with all the new cameras that have been spewing out over the last couple of years, a slow down on releases was definitely needed.  The market is saturated and while choice is a good thing, maybe a little time is needed for everything to stabilise before the next big thing comes along.

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